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"I cannot tell you how much Bruce touched us here in Kentucky.  He made such an impact on all of us. I am not sure we will ever be able to top him with another speaker."

Debbie Ellis
KY Soybean Board

"Perhaps the most amazing speaker I have ever witnessed.  If he had been the only speaker at the Conference, it would be worthwhile.", "Such an excellent view on sustainability – refreshing and relevant to solving and addressing local issues."

Conference Attendees
Canadian Farm Business Management Council                        

"It was such a wonderful pleasure having you speak to students, staff and friends of the Faculty. The audience was totally engaged with your presentation. Your messages rang true to each and every person there. In the class I had after you left this afternoon, the students were so excited about your positive, empowering message. Their discussions were very focused and forward thinking rather than reactionary and angry, which too often has been the automatic response in past. I hope we are, or almost are, at the tipping point so that with coordinated concerted effort we can get Manitoba agriculture moving into that important leadership role you were talking about."

Laurie Connor, Ph.D., P.Ag.
Professor & Head
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg

"Your presentations were inspiring and I hope that we all put activism in our business plan! Your passion for our legacy and heritage are evident, and have encouraged me to try to share that with as many audiences as I can!"

Lisa Dorschner
Executive Director
South Dakota’s Ag in the Classroom

"As usual, Bruce delivered! He is passionate about what he does and isn't afraid to show it. That comes through quickly and serves as an instant connection with his audience. But, perhaps, the most impressive, is the journey he takes his audience on along with him. He doesn't just inform, he inspires. As a speaker, that's not always easy to do!"

Michelle Robbins
Program Director
South Dakota Ag & Rural Leadership

"Connected and resonated well with our audience.  Really made a huge impact and motivated them."

Matt DeMarco
Director of Leadership Development

"Bruce is a powerful spokesman and advocate for educating consumers about agriculture in a truthful and balanced way. We were pleased and honored to present him with the Veritas Award which he has truly earned in all the wonderful work he is doing."

Yvonne Erickson
Agri-Women President

"Montana logger Bruce Vincent has dedicated his life to finding ways to protect the last best places without destroying the last best people. As more people become active in protecting the environment, he works harder at helping them understand that we are stewards of the environment and of our way of life.

What a terrific speaker and a terrific message. A standing ovation of those gathered testified to the impact of his words! "

Chuck Heron
Star Valley, Arizona

"An inspired leader with a powerful  message that clearly imparts inspiration to others!  Bruce was a great fit to natural resource seminar, an even better fit to what our rural leadership program is all about!"

Everett Rhodes
Project CENTRL


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