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It is time for change – and change will be our friend. America is ready for a new vision of conservation and environmental stewardship that is based upon hope instead of fear. In order to share this vision we must first reintroduce the American consumer to the processes and the people of production and then lead – not just fight – the discussion over our environment. Those who work at the ground level in implementing society’s framework for protecting the environment are positioned at the leading edge of the changes and challenges of this discussion. That edge provides exciting opportunities and hope. *Approximately 45 minutes

Keynote Brief: “WITH VISION, THERE IS HOPE” – How local government can lead the way.

The old environmental movement was timely and necessary but failed to mature beyond a three-word vision of ‘Stop Doing That.’ That vision will not feed, clothe, and shelter the coming population and protect the environment. We need a new vision of environmentalism based upon hope instead of fear, science instead of emotion, education instead of litigation, resolution instead of conflict and employing, rather than destroying human resources.’ This new vision can and should be built where the real impacts are first felt – at the local level through County level government. *Approximately 45 minutes

Keynote Brief: “WITH VISION, THERE IS HOPE” – How NOT to be the career of last choice.

Employee retention and new employee engagement for the natural resource managing worlds of forestry, mining, fishing, ranching and farming are major issues facing large and small companies throughout the industrialized world. Generation of students have been taught that career choices that include ‘getting your hands dirty’ are somehow less than fulfilling – at least for anyone with intelligence. This wrong-headed thought process is especially dangerous for the producers that feed, clothe, and shelter humanity. Bruce addresses actions that can assist our production cultures in avoiding becoming the career choice of last resort. *Approximately 45 minutes


The processes of production in all natural resource fields requires consent of the public – a social license – to operate. Engaging the public that gives or withholds that consent will require rethinking the public engagement efforts in order to gain approval from a skeptical and often misinformed but rightfully concerned public. During what is now known as the ‘Timber Wars’, Bruce learned (the hard way) what can work in that public critical engagement and shares specific actionable items with the audience.


A new generation of adults and children are living in a world of echo-chambers where 200 channels of bad news and social media tell and sell stories to gain clicks and views. It is easy to see how many feel that our current social, political, economic and environmental realities are the ‘worst ever.’ Such a negative backdrop for societal decision making is a recipe for disaster. People who lack hope have a habit of making terrible decisions. Bruce addresses the ‘worst ever’ myth and offers ideas on how to assist individuals and companies in engaging the future with a foundation of hope. 


During what is now called ‘The Timber Wars’, I led a nationwide movement of rural forest communities.  During those turbulent times, we engaged in and won some battles but were on the verge of losing the war until we learned the hard way that there is a huge difference between fighting and leading.  Those lessons are critically important for all engaged in today’s public policy discussions.  The tide started to turn for timber towns when we learned to humanize our issue, when we learned to listen to and respect opposing views, when we learned how to articulate our arguments in a way that resonated with those beyond ‘ourselves,’ when we learned that all politics and all policy discussions must begin at the local level and when we learned that engaging in these discussions must be a continuing and never-ending part of doing business.  In today’s polarized political environment, sharing these lessons about leading has never been more important – whether talking about issues that impact our family, our community or our nation.

Note: The keynote is a primary presentation that either stands alone or sets the stage for the coming seminar(s).


How to make activism as business line item – and avoid having it take over your life. *1.5 hrs. to 4 hrs depending upon depth desired.

A look at how local media, local civic groups and local government can be our best friends. Case studies serve as a backdrop to this exciting and important discussion of activism made easy and fun. *1 hr. to 2 hrs.

An in depth look at the strategies of the businesses built on a three word vision of “Stop Doing That” and discussing ideas on developing counter strategies that work – and are fun to implement. *1 hrs. to 4 hrs depending upon depth desired. 

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